Carly Veronica
Artist Statement

Carly Veronica is a muralist, fine artist and teacher of participatory art. The continual process of fracturing, reformation, and rebirth is a theme that is consistent throughout her work: similar to how the serpent sheds its worn-out skin, the remnants of past works become the soil that nourishes and supports new creations. By letting her art naturally evolve, she is able to portray the beauty that is all around us and deepen people’s appreciation of the divine self and its connection with the universe.

Carly Veronica is based in Los Angeles, but a world traveler at heart, her murals can be found in India, Japan, and the United States. Her mission is to inspire self-love and peace by bringing color, nature imagery, and positive messages to urban areas that have a deficit of color and art.

To heal the world with love and art, she developed  a participatory art practice to teach others to co-create alongside her. She believes mother nature is our greatest creator and helps humans find their voices in colorful shapes and patterns inspired by existence. She teaches participants to ignite their creative spark within while outpouring vibrant colors and patterns to their communities thus healing the streets and the soul.